Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Much Needed Vacation

Now that all of the Christmas antics are over and done with I think I can have some of sanity back.

After going through a bit of friend drama, and having family friends stay in our house for two days, I think my parents made the right decision to drive down to my grandma's house. My grandma's house is about 10 minutes from the beach and it's always gorgeous year-round. Not to mention my grandma is one of my favorite people. She still has a hint of her New York accent, she's an amazing painter, and a beautifully patient person. Her whole house is covered in beachy stuff and art. It's wonderful.

Yesterday we went to the nearby Barnes & Nobles. My grandma gave me one of the many gift cards she had received for Christmas. I had gone in expecting to buy a new Beatles CD and a few others I had on my list. The only problem was, I couldn't find the music section anywhere.....
I asked an employee where the music was and he directed me to a small rack that consisted of a few classic rock re-issues and Beyonce's new album. They has removed their music and movie section to make room for a huge ass Nook/e-reader section. I don't know why I was so upset by this, well I do, but I literally could not let it go. That's all I talked (complained) about to my family the rest of the time. I ended up spending the gift card on Rainbow Rowell's new book, Fangirl, A book explaining the history of every Beatles song, and a British fashion magazine. So in the end I got cool things anyways.

The day before, my cousins had invited me to come to their D&D (dungeons and dragons) game. I had never actually played, or even watched anyone play, D&D before. So basically I was picturing it going down like in Freaks & Geeks. Turns out I have been mislead. I instead was met by a room of four incredibly attractive college boys. Three of which were wearing leather jackets, all had amazing hair, and one looked like Patrick Stump (the newer patrick, not the chubby-sideburns one). Plus they were all very polite and nice to me. All in all it was an awesome experience and I think I'll start playing D&D.

Now it's off to see Saving Mr. Banks with the clan.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Seriousness & lightheartedness

I have something incredibly sad but important to discuss.

Today I found out that one of my favorite authors, Ned Vizzini, committed suicide. He was the author of 4 books but my personal favorite was "It's Kind of A Funny Story." Which is also a movie with Emma Roberts in it.
Anyways, I'm very upset right now. This man was only 32, he had a wife and son. I can't begin to imagine what they're feeling right now. Suicide is something that genuinely terrifies me. Throughout middle school, I had close friends that dealt with depression and self-harm and I had one friend that actually attempted suicide. I deal with depression myself a lot but I get to scared at the thought of someone I love and care about giving up their life. Feeling so helpless and sad and unwanted that they think death is the only option. Thats why I think you should always try and be kind to other people. You never truly know what anybody is going through at home, at school, or with themselves. If there is anyone reading this who knows someone going through a situation like this or are yourself please know that there are people out there willing to listen to you and help you. Friends, parents, teachers, any trusted adult, plus suicide hotlines are easy to find on google. Also in "It's Kind of a Funny Story" the main character actually checks himself into a hospital so if you feel the need to do that, please do. R.I.P to Ned Vizzini, Ellie and I miss you and hope you are happier wherever you may be.

Onto a different subject now! It's like my school news program we watch every morning. They present world news, which is always about people dieing or being mugged or captured or something awful, and then they put on a big smile and go "And now to sports!"
Today was the last day before winter break, which is my favorite day of school. People give you a crap ton of sugary food and teachers don't feel like doing anything. Plus a lot of kids wear cute christmas sweaters and give gifts to their friends. I find that adorable. One guy had a red sweater with a green tree made out of tinsel that lit up when you pressed the button. I received a few presents myself! Ryan gave me the book "The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight" which I'm already half way through and it's amazing. Tyler gave me Watermelon sourpatch and Twix which are my favorite candies of all time. Maggie got me "Bowling for Soup goes to the movies" and then apologized about how bad she is at gift giving. It's not that bad of a CD but it's pretty bad. I put it on my iPod regardless. Then Ellie is taking me thrift shopping for denim jackets that we're going to decorate Rookie Mag style.  It was a pretty perfect school day.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dreamgirls & Bass Face

It's almost winter break.

I'm pretty sure I receive more candy on Christmas than I do on Halloween. My friend Anna got everyone their favorite candy as Christmas presents this year so I spent all of yesterday going through an entire bag of Watermelon Sourpatch Kids. Plus, I had a Twix bar for the first time and that is now my 2nd favorite candy. In case you don't know, Twix bars are chocolate-y, caramel-y, cookie goodness. But nothing will beat watermelon sourpatch with me.
The week is almost through and I'm not ready for it to be over. That means two weeks of having to actually contact people in order to hang out and dealing with various relatives. I'm not sure how well I can handle that. But it's been a decent week so far I suppose. Yesterday I started crying a bit due to built up stress over our math test and of course everyone around me noticed. I blamed it on the wind blowing in my face. But also yesterday I discovered one of my new favorite movies. Dreamgirls. Let's talk about this movie for a minute:
First off, any movie that has Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson in it is going to be spectacular. And as someone who has a love for 60's era girl groups, that just makes it all that much better. If you haven't seen it, the movie follows three black girls trying to become famous during the early 60's. They go through greedy producers, racial oppression, jealousy amongst themselves and love. It's fantastic. Plus every time I hear Jennifer Hudson belt "And I Am Telling You" I get chills through my entire body.
The wardrobe and music are both excellent, Eddie Murphy and Jamie Foxx are also perfect in it, and you should all go rent this movie right now.

And I Am Telling You by Jennifer Hudson

Not much happened during school except I helped Jack and Julian with their biology project. Which turned out to be a badly written rap song about how a cell functions. We went around the school and I filmed them rapping in different locations. At one point Jack pulled down his jeans (he was wearing athletic shorts underneath) and I just filmed him like that, with his pants around his ankles. It ended up being pretty funny because neither of them could keep the beat and our friend Colin joined us and threw pinecones at them and made creepy faces in the background. After we finished the four of us stood in the parking lot and waited to be picked up. We discussed things such as the meaning of life, society's view on women, and the troubles of our generation.
I'm kidding.
I listened to them talk about masterbation and how hot the girls on the track team are. My guy friends are so deep.

Also I have a new band obsession to share:
Haim. I'm a sucker for girl bands and they are definitely worth your time, I promise. Plus Este makes the most perfect "bass face" I've ever seen.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Social Life

Why am I still awake.

Friday- The boy mentioned in the last post took me to Micky D's after school and we sat and talked and he tickled me a lot because he likes doing that for some reason. After realizing he was 10 cents short of being able to buy any food, we walked to the park behind school. We sat on a park bench that had been scribbled on by various stoners and creepily watched kids play frisbee whilst cuddling. Which was very nice. Then when it was time to leave, he picked me up bridal style and carried me to where we had put our backpacks. Then proceeded to take my hand and led me through the long way out of the park. After a while he stopped walking and I started tugging on his hand saying we really needed to go. He pulled me towards him and suddenly our lips were together. I was freaking out and staying calm at the same time which was weird. Then I pulled away and we walked back to school together.

Saturday- I stayed in bed until 11:00 because if I don't have a good reason to get up, why should I? I stayed in until around 3:30 because my dad gets free basketball game tickets from his boss every year and I promised him I would go. Normally sports don't interest me but I never realized how interesting sporting events are. Let me paint a picture for you:
Sitting next to me was an old couple that hardly said anything the entire time and they seemed very rich too. Across the isle was a man who looked about in his thirties and slightly overweight. The entire time he was yelling "BULLCRAP!" at the refs and other interesting words. His friend was too but seemed less into it. Behind me was a very talkative guy that had the voice of an upper class southern gay man. I'll let you decide what that sounds like. In the end I got an amazing slice of Papa Johns pizza and our team won so it was worth the hour of traffic we got stuck in on the way there.

Sunday- I didn't sleep in as long but I ended up watching New Girl all day and keeping myself entertained while my parents went to go see a film that ended up being very different than what they had signed up for. But every year my best friends family throws a Christmas party and every year my family is invited. My parents never go because the one year they went they didn't know anybody and felt awkward. But it always ends up being my friends and I spamming Instagram with whatever weird stuff we're doing. Which is what happened this year with two exceptions. The first being a lot more little kids showing up than usual so we put on The Polar Express for them and watched that for a bit. (If you've never seen that movie, you're living life wrong). Then some middle school boys and two people we sort of knew from school showed up so we played hide n' seek outside in the freezing cold. One of the boys was a freaking ninja and scaled a fence with a broken hand. The other just cussed at us a lot and followed us around. In the end, I came home with my friends athletic shorts on under my dress and I was covered in sparkly star stickers. I'd say it was a success.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

I Met a Boy

As the title says, I recently met a boy. He wears the same beanie every day, plays bass, watches The Walking Dead, is on the swim team, and listens to very emo music. Good music, but still pretty emo. Plus he uses so many winky faces in his texts it makes me want to vomit.

I've met so many people in these past few months and it just makes me really happy. I'm not close with most of them, but just knowing people and making connections and having them smile at you when you pass them in the hallway is so amazing. In case you didn't guess already, I really love people. They're so interesting. Everyone has their own life, their own experiences that you will never truly understand. But you get the privilege to be apart of their memories and life and it's just so COOL. Like, sit me down and tell me about yourself, your opinions, your dreams, things you keep secret. You're an endless abyss of YOU! And that's AWESOME!
I feel like I spend way too much times thinking about things like this but it's like a mental workout.

I learned today that my gym coach might be psychic. In which case I never have to tell her how much I hate her because she already knows. Glad that's taken care of. But the reason I say this is because I was with the three girls I spend my gym period gossiping with and she came over to talk to us. She brought up one of the girls' crush. We told her to guess who it was (trick question she likes two guys hah) AND SHE GOT THEM BOTH RIGHT WITHOUT EVEN PAUSING. We stood there stunned and a bit creeped out. Then she guessed who my other friend was dating without even thinking. She said she knew this from listening to our conversations but we always make a point to be on the opposite side of the gym as her. Plus she's always talking to all the male coaches anyways. Creepy.

Now, I have to rant about something for a sec. Recently I've heard a term being used:
Now, I thought "talking" meant a way of communication. Or, if we're talking about dating, getting to know each other a bit. However, the lovely people of my school have informed me that that's not what it means. Apparently it means (and I quote) "Two people who are eventually going to date, but are not right now for a specific reason."
That is literally the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Why does it have to be so complicated? Why is there not just "not dating" and "dating"? Why is there some weird middle ground? Why is that necessary? I don't like this.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Netflix You Wonderful Thing

I need to talk about something right now. New Girl. I don't remember the last time I was this obsessed with a TV show. My friends have been watching it ever since it came on but I'm usually the one that's late to these things so whatever. Yesterday I was pursuing Netflix, looking for a new show because I was getting bored with the ones I watch now. When this little beauty popped up. And by that I mean the gorgeous pixie-face-half-hidden-by-the-most-luscious-bangs-I've-ever-seen of Zooey Daschenel. So, with the fact that all my friends liked New Girl and I think Ms. Zooey is a boss, I decided to give New Girl a try. I had caught it before switching channels and didn't think it was all that great but holy mother of pearl, I ended up watching 6 episodes in a row. Then took a break to do school work and rewarded myself by watching 3 more. And what do you think was the first thing I did when I got home from school today? Yeah. I watched 3 more. This obsession has resulted in a few things:
1. I literally want to BE Jess 
2. I am in love with Nick
3. I want to hug Schmit at all times and then run my hands through his hair because damn he has nice hair
I didn't forget Winston or CeCe though, they're my favorites.  

I have been trying to ignore the looks of shame my parents have been throwing at me. If a show makes me want to wear cute trendy dresses all the time and put glitter on everything then it's got to be a pretty amazing show. (Which it is)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's the Weekend

Am I the only one that doesn't like weekends? I don't mind if I am, but it would be nice to know someone else detests them as much as me. Truthfully they aren't THAT bad, but I'm someone that likes to be around people at all times and at the same time doesn't like asking people to hang out. So you can see where that wouldn't work for me. However, this Saturday I actually had to get up and do things.
And by do things I mean babysit 8 little kids for 2 hours.
The highlight of this was one of the kids i had to babysit was a tiny 2 or 3 year old boy. I have literally never seen a kid as cute as that one. He giggled a lot, and liked throwing his stuffed bunny into a fake tree that was in the room. At one point we were all playing with play-doh and we had started making people out of them. Well this 8 year old girl made it her mission to brutally murder every single play-doh person with a plastic knife she had found. I totally get where the "creepy little girl" cliche comes from. She even giggled afterwards.
After that little adventure I got home and had enough time to watch an episode of Supernatural before I went to a local thrift shop with a friend of mine. I have a very love-hate relationship with thrift shopping. Everyone always makes it sound so cool, like "check out all these cute and hip clothes I got for under $20 plus this stack of excellent music!" But that has NEVER been my thrift shopping experience. I always get there, feel very uncomfortable and spend an hour looking around only to find mens denim jeans and ugly blouses. This time was slightly different. I had friend with me which made it more comfortable and I made out with a nice coat, shirt and a dress that will be my favorite thing once I get it hemmed. Plus I got one friend's christmas gift (a The Clash CD) and a Joan Jett CD for myself. So I suppose it went better this time. There was also a woman next to me talking to a cashier about a cool fashion studio she was opening in the mall. I will definitely be checking that out.


Animal by Miike Snow

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Wave of Relief

Ladies, I'm going to stress three points I have learned in the past two days.
 1. If you are in a relationship, and this relationship isn't making you happy, you need to end it. I recently tried to make it work (for the second time) with a boy that just wasn't working for me. It caused me a lot of emotional stress and unhappiness and just wasn't worth it.
 2. Just because a guy likes you does not mean you're obligated to be with this guy. I don't care if he's nice, adorable, or brings you food. If you aren't attracted to this person it's most likely not worth it.
 3. If you're still in school (like me) there are SO MANY people around you probably haven't met yet. Granted I haven't been at my current school for very long but I literally meet new people everyday. It's wonderful. So please don't get upset thinking "there's nobody out there for me weh." because that is definetly not the case.
 also a bonus: 4. There are A LOT of cute guys on my school swim team like damn.
 I hope those helped you in some way because I feel like this week I've just been completely enlightened even though most of this stuff seems like common sense to me now.

Anyways, besides male drama I'd say this is the first good day I've had in a while. That mostly has to do with the fact I bought 2 new books and didn't fail my math test (hallelujah). If you've never read "Rookie Yearbook One" or "Humans Of New York", you need to. Oh my gosh you need to. I've also been reading "Ender's Game" for school and it's pretty good too (i've only read up to chapter 4 but still).

 Up until today I thought it was just a mythical cliche that when you're in high school they make you take one of those career test things but apparently it isn't! Today instead of gym we were told to walk up to the media center (which I was very happy about). When we got there we were instructed to log on to this website and take this 116 question test that would eventually give us a list of 40 (40?!) careers suitable for us. Honestly it was pretty interesting. You could click on them and it would show you details about the job, it's average salary, and what colleges offer classes for it. Here are some of my favorite ones that I got: Costume Designer, director of photography, critic, singer, photojournalist, writer, graphic designer, psychologist, fashion designer, interior decorator, art director, & activist. Also I got pet groomer which I thought was funny for some reason. I've actually considered some of those but I think I want something in film. As in a director.

 I listen to a wide variety of music so I figured I'd put music recommendations on here once in a while. At the moment I'm obsessing over The Vaccines. A good friend of mine lent me their CD a few weeks ago and I fell in love with it.
Under Your Thumb (by the vaccines)

Norgaard (by the vaccines)

Speaking of vaccines, my mother forced my to get my flu shot today. There are many reasons that getting my flu shot freaks me out. Most of it is because a mean lady in a minute clinic is shoving a needle into my arm. I can't do needles, I have a weird phobia of seeing things pierce skin (does that even have a name?). Last year in health we had to watch a video on diabetes, and the kept showing insulin injections over and over again. That and the long list of symptoms eventually caused me to faint in the middle of class. Not really the impression I want to make on people. "The girl that fainted during health." But hey, I got a sticker out of the flu shot experience. The nurse gave it to me because she was trying to be a sarcastic little shit but a sticker is a sticker. It has a purple hippo on it and reads "I feel hippo-rific!"
You bet I do.

 I hope you have a wonderful day~

Monday, December 2, 2013


I decided to make this blog for one main reason. This reason is that I constantly have a lot of thoughts buzzing around in my head at all times, some are good, some are bad, and some are neither (merely observations). But either way I have a tendency to never share these thoughts with anyone. I keep them locked in my mind from where they came and it drives me crazy. So I'm probably not going to actually keep up with this blog, but I'd like to think I am. I also doubt anyone will read it, which I don't mind. I just like the possibly of someone reading it. Maybe even thinking I'm somewhat interesting.

At the moment I'm sitting in homeroom, which you might think is pretty boring but I beg to differ. There's a lot of things you can learn about people by eavesdropping . For example, I sit in between a set of twins and they're discussing what they want for Christmas. They guy twin wants video games and the girl twin wants a mandolin. Seriously, how many teenage girls want a mandolin for Christmas? Apparently she owns 7 different string instruments (9 before her dad sold 2 of them). I think that's pretty cool. 

I don't know if you've ever seen any rendition of Sherlock Holmes (I recommend the BBC series) but I think it's really fun "Sherlocking" people. Like, trying to figure things out about people by just observing and listening to them, that's usually what I do when I'm bored.