Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Wave of Relief

Ladies, I'm going to stress three points I have learned in the past two days.
 1. If you are in a relationship, and this relationship isn't making you happy, you need to end it. I recently tried to make it work (for the second time) with a boy that just wasn't working for me. It caused me a lot of emotional stress and unhappiness and just wasn't worth it.
 2. Just because a guy likes you does not mean you're obligated to be with this guy. I don't care if he's nice, adorable, or brings you food. If you aren't attracted to this person it's most likely not worth it.
 3. If you're still in school (like me) there are SO MANY people around you probably haven't met yet. Granted I haven't been at my current school for very long but I literally meet new people everyday. It's wonderful. So please don't get upset thinking "there's nobody out there for me weh." because that is definetly not the case.
 also a bonus: 4. There are A LOT of cute guys on my school swim team like damn.
 I hope those helped you in some way because I feel like this week I've just been completely enlightened even though most of this stuff seems like common sense to me now.

Anyways, besides male drama I'd say this is the first good day I've had in a while. That mostly has to do with the fact I bought 2 new books and didn't fail my math test (hallelujah). If you've never read "Rookie Yearbook One" or "Humans Of New York", you need to. Oh my gosh you need to. I've also been reading "Ender's Game" for school and it's pretty good too (i've only read up to chapter 4 but still).

 Up until today I thought it was just a mythical cliche that when you're in high school they make you take one of those career test things but apparently it isn't! Today instead of gym we were told to walk up to the media center (which I was very happy about). When we got there we were instructed to log on to this website and take this 116 question test that would eventually give us a list of 40 (40?!) careers suitable for us. Honestly it was pretty interesting. You could click on them and it would show you details about the job, it's average salary, and what colleges offer classes for it. Here are some of my favorite ones that I got: Costume Designer, director of photography, critic, singer, photojournalist, writer, graphic designer, psychologist, fashion designer, interior decorator, art director, & activist. Also I got pet groomer which I thought was funny for some reason. I've actually considered some of those but I think I want something in film. As in a director.

 I listen to a wide variety of music so I figured I'd put music recommendations on here once in a while. At the moment I'm obsessing over The Vaccines. A good friend of mine lent me their CD a few weeks ago and I fell in love with it.
Under Your Thumb (by the vaccines)

Norgaard (by the vaccines)

Speaking of vaccines, my mother forced my to get my flu shot today. There are many reasons that getting my flu shot freaks me out. Most of it is because a mean lady in a minute clinic is shoving a needle into my arm. I can't do needles, I have a weird phobia of seeing things pierce skin (does that even have a name?). Last year in health we had to watch a video on diabetes, and the kept showing insulin injections over and over again. That and the long list of symptoms eventually caused me to faint in the middle of class. Not really the impression I want to make on people. "The girl that fainted during health." But hey, I got a sticker out of the flu shot experience. The nurse gave it to me because she was trying to be a sarcastic little shit but a sticker is a sticker. It has a purple hippo on it and reads "I feel hippo-rific!"
You bet I do.

 I hope you have a wonderful day~

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