Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's the Weekend

Am I the only one that doesn't like weekends? I don't mind if I am, but it would be nice to know someone else detests them as much as me. Truthfully they aren't THAT bad, but I'm someone that likes to be around people at all times and at the same time doesn't like asking people to hang out. So you can see where that wouldn't work for me. However, this Saturday I actually had to get up and do things.
And by do things I mean babysit 8 little kids for 2 hours.
The highlight of this was one of the kids i had to babysit was a tiny 2 or 3 year old boy. I have literally never seen a kid as cute as that one. He giggled a lot, and liked throwing his stuffed bunny into a fake tree that was in the room. At one point we were all playing with play-doh and we had started making people out of them. Well this 8 year old girl made it her mission to brutally murder every single play-doh person with a plastic knife she had found. I totally get where the "creepy little girl" cliche comes from. She even giggled afterwards.
After that little adventure I got home and had enough time to watch an episode of Supernatural before I went to a local thrift shop with a friend of mine. I have a very love-hate relationship with thrift shopping. Everyone always makes it sound so cool, like "check out all these cute and hip clothes I got for under $20 plus this stack of excellent music!" But that has NEVER been my thrift shopping experience. I always get there, feel very uncomfortable and spend an hour looking around only to find mens denim jeans and ugly blouses. This time was slightly different. I had friend with me which made it more comfortable and I made out with a nice coat, shirt and a dress that will be my favorite thing once I get it hemmed. Plus I got one friend's christmas gift (a The Clash CD) and a Joan Jett CD for myself. So I suppose it went better this time. There was also a woman next to me talking to a cashier about a cool fashion studio she was opening in the mall. I will definitely be checking that out.


Animal by Miike Snow

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