Thursday, December 12, 2013

I Met a Boy

As the title says, I recently met a boy. He wears the same beanie every day, plays bass, watches The Walking Dead, is on the swim team, and listens to very emo music. Good music, but still pretty emo. Plus he uses so many winky faces in his texts it makes me want to vomit.

I've met so many people in these past few months and it just makes me really happy. I'm not close with most of them, but just knowing people and making connections and having them smile at you when you pass them in the hallway is so amazing. In case you didn't guess already, I really love people. They're so interesting. Everyone has their own life, their own experiences that you will never truly understand. But you get the privilege to be apart of their memories and life and it's just so COOL. Like, sit me down and tell me about yourself, your opinions, your dreams, things you keep secret. You're an endless abyss of YOU! And that's AWESOME!
I feel like I spend way too much times thinking about things like this but it's like a mental workout.

I learned today that my gym coach might be psychic. In which case I never have to tell her how much I hate her because she already knows. Glad that's taken care of. But the reason I say this is because I was with the three girls I spend my gym period gossiping with and she came over to talk to us. She brought up one of the girls' crush. We told her to guess who it was (trick question she likes two guys hah) AND SHE GOT THEM BOTH RIGHT WITHOUT EVEN PAUSING. We stood there stunned and a bit creeped out. Then she guessed who my other friend was dating without even thinking. She said she knew this from listening to our conversations but we always make a point to be on the opposite side of the gym as her. Plus she's always talking to all the male coaches anyways. Creepy.

Now, I have to rant about something for a sec. Recently I've heard a term being used:
Now, I thought "talking" meant a way of communication. Or, if we're talking about dating, getting to know each other a bit. However, the lovely people of my school have informed me that that's not what it means. Apparently it means (and I quote) "Two people who are eventually going to date, but are not right now for a specific reason."
That is literally the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Why does it have to be so complicated? Why is there not just "not dating" and "dating"? Why is there some weird middle ground? Why is that necessary? I don't like this.

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