Sunday, December 15, 2013

Social Life

Why am I still awake.

Friday- The boy mentioned in the last post took me to Micky D's after school and we sat and talked and he tickled me a lot because he likes doing that for some reason. After realizing he was 10 cents short of being able to buy any food, we walked to the park behind school. We sat on a park bench that had been scribbled on by various stoners and creepily watched kids play frisbee whilst cuddling. Which was very nice. Then when it was time to leave, he picked me up bridal style and carried me to where we had put our backpacks. Then proceeded to take my hand and led me through the long way out of the park. After a while he stopped walking and I started tugging on his hand saying we really needed to go. He pulled me towards him and suddenly our lips were together. I was freaking out and staying calm at the same time which was weird. Then I pulled away and we walked back to school together.

Saturday- I stayed in bed until 11:00 because if I don't have a good reason to get up, why should I? I stayed in until around 3:30 because my dad gets free basketball game tickets from his boss every year and I promised him I would go. Normally sports don't interest me but I never realized how interesting sporting events are. Let me paint a picture for you:
Sitting next to me was an old couple that hardly said anything the entire time and they seemed very rich too. Across the isle was a man who looked about in his thirties and slightly overweight. The entire time he was yelling "BULLCRAP!" at the refs and other interesting words. His friend was too but seemed less into it. Behind me was a very talkative guy that had the voice of an upper class southern gay man. I'll let you decide what that sounds like. In the end I got an amazing slice of Papa Johns pizza and our team won so it was worth the hour of traffic we got stuck in on the way there.

Sunday- I didn't sleep in as long but I ended up watching New Girl all day and keeping myself entertained while my parents went to go see a film that ended up being very different than what they had signed up for. But every year my best friends family throws a Christmas party and every year my family is invited. My parents never go because the one year they went they didn't know anybody and felt awkward. But it always ends up being my friends and I spamming Instagram with whatever weird stuff we're doing. Which is what happened this year with two exceptions. The first being a lot more little kids showing up than usual so we put on The Polar Express for them and watched that for a bit. (If you've never seen that movie, you're living life wrong). Then some middle school boys and two people we sort of knew from school showed up so we played hide n' seek outside in the freezing cold. One of the boys was a freaking ninja and scaled a fence with a broken hand. The other just cussed at us a lot and followed us around. In the end, I came home with my friends athletic shorts on under my dress and I was covered in sparkly star stickers. I'd say it was a success.

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