Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dreamgirls & Bass Face

It's almost winter break.

I'm pretty sure I receive more candy on Christmas than I do on Halloween. My friend Anna got everyone their favorite candy as Christmas presents this year so I spent all of yesterday going through an entire bag of Watermelon Sourpatch Kids. Plus, I had a Twix bar for the first time and that is now my 2nd favorite candy. In case you don't know, Twix bars are chocolate-y, caramel-y, cookie goodness. But nothing will beat watermelon sourpatch with me.
The week is almost through and I'm not ready for it to be over. That means two weeks of having to actually contact people in order to hang out and dealing with various relatives. I'm not sure how well I can handle that. But it's been a decent week so far I suppose. Yesterday I started crying a bit due to built up stress over our math test and of course everyone around me noticed. I blamed it on the wind blowing in my face. But also yesterday I discovered one of my new favorite movies. Dreamgirls. Let's talk about this movie for a minute:
First off, any movie that has Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson in it is going to be spectacular. And as someone who has a love for 60's era girl groups, that just makes it all that much better. If you haven't seen it, the movie follows three black girls trying to become famous during the early 60's. They go through greedy producers, racial oppression, jealousy amongst themselves and love. It's fantastic. Plus every time I hear Jennifer Hudson belt "And I Am Telling You" I get chills through my entire body.
The wardrobe and music are both excellent, Eddie Murphy and Jamie Foxx are also perfect in it, and you should all go rent this movie right now.

And I Am Telling You by Jennifer Hudson

Not much happened during school except I helped Jack and Julian with their biology project. Which turned out to be a badly written rap song about how a cell functions. We went around the school and I filmed them rapping in different locations. At one point Jack pulled down his jeans (he was wearing athletic shorts underneath) and I just filmed him like that, with his pants around his ankles. It ended up being pretty funny because neither of them could keep the beat and our friend Colin joined us and threw pinecones at them and made creepy faces in the background. After we finished the four of us stood in the parking lot and waited to be picked up. We discussed things such as the meaning of life, society's view on women, and the troubles of our generation.
I'm kidding.
I listened to them talk about masterbation and how hot the girls on the track team are. My guy friends are so deep.

Also I have a new band obsession to share:
Haim. I'm a sucker for girl bands and they are definitely worth your time, I promise. Plus Este makes the most perfect "bass face" I've ever seen.

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